Friday, December 10, 2010

Wisner Kiddos - Fancy yet Funky

When the mom let me know what her kids would be wearing for their pictures, I literally squealed with excitement.  I knew that this would be one fun photo shoot.  And these kids were precious!  They really let their personalities shine, and we had a great time as we snapped some fabulous shots!

Guilbault Family - Boys! Boys! Boys!

I have been photographing families with lots of boys lately, and I must admit it's making me want more. They are "rough and tumble", but they sure are sweet! This drop-dead gorgeous family had some precious boys! Thank you Guilbault family for letting me photograph you guys!

Austin Family - What a Doll!

When this mom contacted me and told me I'd be taking their first family photos, I was beyond excited. I love to provide memories for families, especially first ones. Brittany also said she had no good pictures of her with her little angel. Well, we fixed that! We got some gorgeous shots of the two of them together, and I hope she'll cherish them forever. Thank you Austin Family for this special privilege!

Zawodniak Family - A Special Family

The Zawodniak Family is one a kind. They are so sweet and fun! We were laughing our entire shoot and got some great shots amidst the laughter. Thank you Zawodniak family for the opportunity to photograph your lovely family!

Morris Family - Sweet Teens

Teenagers sometimes get a bad rap for being disrespectful and having bad attitudes. But no one could ever say that about these two! They were true sweethearts and didn't complain for one second. Could it be they have wonderful parents? Thank you Morris Family for the opportunity to photograph your family! It was great meeting you!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Claunch - A Crazy, But Wonderful Life

When Ashley contacted me, I found out we have just about everything in common. We are both married to ministers, both elementary education majors, and both photographers. You can imagine we did just a little bit of chatting during our shoot. I enjoyed every second of this photo shoot. Claunch Family, you are truly special! Thank you for choosing me to take your family's pictures!